Wesnoth – The Battle for Productivity

Written by BinnyVA on May 13, 2007 – 12:31 am -

Wesnoth Logo

Using Linux increases your productivity – and one of the major reason for that is there are no good games in Linux! Unfortunately, I have found one game that is very efficient in destroying my productivity – Battle for Wesnoth. I have lost an entire day to it.

Battle for Wesnoth is a simple, turn based strategy game. In one turn you move all your units, give commands to attack, defend etc. In the next turn, the enemy does all this. Its addictive – take it from me – I know.

If you are moarning that there are no good games in Linux, give Wesnoth a try. Or if you think you are too productive, just install this in your system. Just don’t come crying to me afterwards saying that you lost all your time to this game.

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