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Written by BinnyVA on July 9, 2008 – 10:47 pm -

I have a small but very useful site called txt. Its a collection of code snippets, Linux commands and other such tidbits of information. The posts will be minimal and often crude. The purpose of that site is just to help me remember the information. To make it easier for me to look up the commands later.

For example, say that I need to remove all subversion information from a folder. That means deleting the ‘.svn’ folders in the current folder and all the folders under it. I have used this command before and have saved it to the txt site. So all I have to do is look up the tag that may have this command – in this case, the svn tag.

Soon, I get the page about removing SVN data from a folder. Nifty, huh?

The purpose of this post is two fold. First, I want to introduce you to my txt site – and hopefully get more traffic for that site. Second, and more important purpose is to get you intrested in this idea – to get a similar site for yourself. I saved a lot of time by using that site. Because its online, I was able to use my commands even when away from my computer. And its helpful for others as well.

You can see the reasons for creating the txt site here…

If you want to create a similar site, just go to WordPress and register for a new site. Trust me, its easy. If you have a similar system, please let me know – post a comment.

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