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As you know Fedora 7 is out in the open. I finished downloading the ISO images a few days back – yesterday, I installed it. Now I am on Fedora 7.

The Installation

The installation went without a glitch – well there was a small problem – but that is my own fault. When I reached the partition section, I forgot wether my ‘/’ was sda5 or sda6. So I when to the terminal and mounted sda5 and checked its contents. sda5 was ‘/’ and sda6 was ‘/home’. Then I continued with the procedure. But when the installation started, I got a rude message saying that the installer could not format ‘/’. The message said that it is a serious error.

Well, I got scared – but then I remembered that I forgot to unmount the sda5 partition. So I restarted the system and tried installation again. There were no problems after that.


The installation is complete – now it is time for the great art of configuration. It could take days for me to set up my system exactly as I want it.

Usually I just backup all my ‘dot files’ and then dump it back after the installation is complete. But this time I am going to configure the system manually.

So, this is the first post in a series on how to configure your Fedora 7 system to my tastes. It is pretty pointless to configure your system to my tastes – but hang around, you will find something interesting.

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