“The Sorry State of the Open Source Today” : A Report


An exclusive report on where we are, and a necessary mirror for our naked emperors.

You may not agree with all that is said in this report(I know I don’t) but this is a must read for all who are interested in Open Source and Linux. The report is rather large(25 pages) but is a very engaging read.

The Sorry State of the Open Source Today

  1. The kernel and friends, take one
  2. The bugs, in the open
  3. Our friends, the software patents
  4. Devil’s advocate: what if…
  5. Detrimental to Linux at large
  6. The lost battle of the GPLv3
  7. The business model
  8. The package management
  9. What does it mean to be stable
  10. Eye-candy: competing with Vista?
  11. The security model
  12. Hype vs. real needs
  13. Our friends are our foes
  14. You can leave your hat on
  15. Documentation, at large
  16. Fixing bugs by not fixing them at all
  17. The Debian kindergarten
  18. Freedom and myths
  19. The kernel 2.6.20
  20. 2.6.16 and 2.4.35: does anyone care?
  21. KDE vs. GNOME
  22. Alice in BSD-land
  23. Shooting yourself in the foot
  24. The Awakening
  25. Whereto?

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