Disable Unwanted Services In Fedora 7

You can speed up the booting process a lot by disabling the services you do not need. Another advantage of disabling unwanted services is that you can free up a lot of RAM. Fedora has a utility to make this very easy. In other distros you will have to edit the files in /etc/init.d folder.

First run the ‘Service Configuration’ utility.

KMenu > Administration > Server Settings > Services Service Management
Or run ‘system-config-services’

Service Configuration

Then disable all the services that you will not need. For more information on what to disable/enable here, go to Services in Fedora 7. That should give you an idea about which all service must be enabled.

List of all the enabled services on my system…

  • ConsoleKig
  • atd
  • autofs
  • cpuspeed
  • crond
  • haldaemon
  • httpd
  • iptables
  • irqbalance
  • kudzu
  • lm_sensors
  • Mussagebus
  • mysqld
  • nasd
  • network
  • readahead_early
  • readahead_later
  • smartd
  • syslog

After all configuration is done, click ‘Save’. You will notice the difference on the next boot.

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