Remove the Booting Delay in Linux Bootloader Grub


The default Linux bootloader, Grub, has a 5 second delay in booting. This is provided so that the user has the time for selecting another Kernel/OS. But most users(like me) use just one Kernel. For us this extra 5 second is wasted time.

My windows-supporting brother often makes fun of Linux for its slow boot time. Our ‘Windows Vs Linux’ debates usually go like this…

My Brother: “Linux takes too long to boot.”
Me : “Windows may be faster to boot – but there is nothing in it that makes it worthwhile to boot into.”
Brother: “Linux takes too long to boot.”
Me : “The features in Linux makes it worth the boot time.”
Brother: “Linux takes too long to boot.”
Me : “Whatever…”

Naturally this motivated me to find ways to speed up my booting. Disabling the Grub delay is one of these methods.

Its very easy to do too – if you are comfortable with the terminal.

  • Become root (su -)
  • Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst (pico /boot/grub/menu.lst)
  • Find the line ‘timeout=5’
  • Change that to ‘timeout=0’
  • Save the changes (Ctrl+O)
  • Exit (Ctrl+X)

Restart to see the difference.

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  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for!

    Yes, I realize that this post is old; it’s useful nonetheless. =)

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