Hide the Sidebar in Konqueror

Konqueror is one of my favorite Linux applications. But as a File manager, it has a slight problem – the sidebar. I have never used it. I cannot understand why it is turned on by default. It is easy to hide it by pressing F9 – but I want to turn it off permanently.

Konqueror Sidebar

  • First, open a folder using Konqueror.
  • Window->Hide Navigation Panel(F9)
  • Settings->Save View Profile(File Management)
  • Overwrite the existing File Management profile
  • Restart Konqueror – this time the sidebar will be hidden.

If you want to see the sidebar again, just press F9.


  1. That side bar dries me crazy as well! It is totally useless, yet claims space, and a big source of distraction..I was looking exactly for this, great tip –thanks!

    ps. I also like the Show Terminal option –it is best of both worlds. You move around the file system, and wanna do something jump over to the terminal. TAB takes you the terminal, Shift-TAB takes you back to file system..oohh I love it!

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