Konqueror – A Killer App for Linux

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Konqueror is one of the few killer apps for Linux. Sure there are some other cool apps in Linux as well – but ports for other OS are available. But Konqueror is unique to Linux*. What makes Konqueror so cool is that it does many things – but unlike many software that ‘does many things’ it does things very well!

I am a big KDE fan. There are times when a KDE vs Gnome war occurs in my local LUG group. But whenever someone there tells me that KDE is bad and Gnome is good, they also tell me that Konqueror is cool. They admit that nothing beats Konqueror. Even the Gnomies know the power of Konqueror ;-).

What Makes Konqueror so unbelievably Awesome?

Sure, I am loading the argument a bit – but take a look at its feature list…

  • File Manager Extraordinaire
  • A great browser
  • Universal Viewer – Almost all filetypes can be opened in Konqueror
  • The Power of KIO
    • Access Samba Shares
    • FTP,sFTP,SSH Client
    • Subversion Client
    • CVS Client
  • And More – much much more

* Well, it is available for some other platforms such as BSD, Solaris, and recently Windows. But have you ever seen it running in Windows? I thought not!


  1. GNOME is a better Desktop Environment and gtk2 apps rocks!.
    In my experiance kde fanboys are much more troll’ish’.
    qt simply sucks! 😡

  2. I wonder who’s really being trollish…
    Sweeping generalizations made by a troll with nothing constructuve to add. Shame on you Prakash!

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