Banshee – Music Management and Playback for GNOME


Banshee is one of the best audio players for Gnome. It has most of the things I want in an MP3 software…

  • Stays in the system tray
  • Simple interface
  • Media Library
  • Ability to control the player using shortcuts without accessing the player(Multimedia Keys Plugin)

Unfortunately, I could not run this software in my system – it is showing a ‘No Codec’ error for all the files I tried to play. I tried to fix this problem by myself – I even tried reinstalling the software. Still no luck. I am sure that is is a configuration error on my part – I don’t think it is an issue in banshee.

Anyway, since I could not try out this software, I stop now. If I could fix this issue before my series on MP3 Players for Linux is over, I will come back and post the details on this page.


  1. I’m here because Banshee seems ready to do anything, except generate playlists from my current file folder classification system. However, I can’t figure out why it sometimes plays a list and sometimes plays only singles, so maybe I’m missing something in the maze.

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